this year the site maybe anywhere in a wide range of states, all over the easst coast, with no idea where we are going finding a way to get there early instead of last minute might be helpful.
please post with a format as follows to make it easier to match

1: indicate wether you are offering, or need a ride
2: state and city/town your leaving from
3:number of people needing rides, or number you can take
4: if you have gas money or need elp paying for gas
5: date leaving or wanting to leave
6: personal info or messages anything else
7: if needing ride do u have a liscence and can elp drive if offering legal status and condition of vehicle
8: policy on alcahol or drugs in vehicle, or, if needing ride full disclosure of anything youd bring, or want to drink (or indicate it will be provided after talking, if not comfy posting openly)
9: contact info other this page

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1 need a ride
2: tulsa oklohoma
3: probably 1, maybe 2 (1 in wheelchair so needs extra room for chair)
4 should have gas money..probably
5 open, no set dates, however round trip to and back would be best (but will take 1 way if not)
6 loving you family, i had to miss last years, even though we bought a scoolbus to go in, due to hasslesw with my best freinds custody case she cant go again this year, and neither can the bus..being that i was east coast (pa) family up till 2 monts ago i dont want to miss this years (and all my family back there)
7 no liscence, but i navigate well, and tend to stay at least semi awake all the way cross country to make sure te drivers are ok
8 dont drink, wont be bringing anything, unless i happen to have a small amount just for the ride
9 by email but better is phone 918 955 6403
did you find a ride?
update, im actualy not in tulsa anymore back in philly but hope now our bus will be comming from tulsa pickin up folks along te way
not definate tough, certain legal matters gotta be worked out 1st
you there perm now ?
philly perm till well at least asfter the gathering maybe longer dunno
was in philly in october and thought of you....was the first time i had been is it lost a couple times
1.need a ride
2.Huntington Beach(Orange County),California
3.2 money at the moment, but will try to save some to help with gas!
5.doesn't matter
6. will be my first gathering(:,no driver license.
8.doesn't matter. i smoke weed and dont really drink(well rarely) and i'll probably have some herb on me unless you don't want me to. or

~thank you,much love and blessings to all~
1.I need a ride
3.Just me, possibly one more in Georgia tho
4.Dont have money,but I can raise some quickly before we would leave if you need help with gas
5.Wanting to leave ASAP
6.Im pretty laidback and have a good sense of humor,we'll def. have a blast drivin down there :)
7. Dont have license
8.I can get some herbals and drinks before we leave,unless you'd prefer not.Its fine either way.
or msg me on here, I check it everyday

One Love,Much Love,
1. Need a Ride
2. Lead/Deadwood, South Dakota
3. Me possibly one more.
4. can get gas but need an estimate so i can save.
5. When the driver is ready.
6. Misses last years gathering but wanted to go very much so. Hope to go this year to see my friend wolf.
7. i do have a licence. can drive very well.
8. I dont drink but dont care if people do. i do smoke cigarettes, will not if asked, also do not mind drugs.
9. 2242340535, or
1: Need A Ride (Might have one, but kind of unreliable if you know what I mean.)
2: From Colorado Springs, CO
3: Just Lil Ol Me
4: I will pitch for gas & foods.
5: I'm down to go late June.
6: Anyone in CO wanna start some family potlucks???
7: Can drive legally. TXDL.
8: Not comfortable riding with someone who's under the influence of anything but mj. Totally okay with substances being in the car...just not the driver.
9: Contact me here or at
cant wait ....
1. got a ride if you need for 2
2.leavin from central ohio on july 1st. cant leave earlier due to my job :(....home on the 7th. for two.
4. please help with gas
5.headin there on july 1st......out on the 7th
6. i will have a lil person with me. so please be kiddo im sure yall are :)
7.have a drivers license and insurance....all good
8. contact me with questions on this
9.shoot me an email on here or 740-816-2099......lovin you all and happy trails


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