Positive and Negative Effects of Beverages on Your Health

If truth be told, beverages such as soft drinks are the choice of millions of Americans, however sugary drinks raise the chances of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. According to recent studies, people who regularly consume soft drinks (1 to 2 cans per day or more) have a greater risk, which is approximately 26 percent of developing Type-2 diabetes as compared to those who rarely consume sugary drinks.

Soft drinks and diabetes

There are a lot of studies that indicates; sugary –or soft drinks increase the chances of having diabetes. The Nurses’ Health Study is one of those studies that explored this connection by following the health of 90000 women for a period of 8 years. The study revealed that the woman who had 1 or more serving of fruit punch or sugar-sweatened soft drink taken out from a mini bar fridge was twice as likely to have developed type-2 diabetes compared to those who rarely had such beverages.

On the other hand, men and women who had 1 or 2 sugary drinks per day have 25 percent more chances to develop difficulty managing the blood sugar and approx. 50% more chances to have developed metabolic syndrome.

Soft drinks and heart disease

According to the Nurses’ Health Study, women who had 2 or more servings of soft drinks every day have increased chances of death from heart disease or hearth attacks i.e. 40% that those who rarely drank sugar-sweetened drinks.

The study further revealed that those who drink soft drinks in high quantity often tend to weigh more and they don’t eat healthy as compared to the people who don’t drink such beverages at all. However, the researchers have also studied the differences in energy intake, diet quality, and weight amongst the participants. They found that being a healthy weight and having an otherwise healthy diet will slightly diminish the risk linked to having soft drinks.

So, if you’re eating too much calories and weighing too much might partly describe the relationship between the heart disease and sugary beverages. The researchers suggest that some risk might also be associated to metabolic effects of fructose used to sweeten such drinks. The high glycemic load from these sugary drinks create adverse effects on cholesterol fractions, blood glucose and inflammatory factors that lead to increased risk of heart disease.

Soft drinks and bones

Soft drinks poses unique challenges to healthy bones as it contains high amount of phosphate. If you consume increased levels of phosphate than calcium, it will cause harmful effect on your bone health. During childhood and adolescence, it’s very important to have enough calcium as this is the time when the bones are being built.

When it comes to the soft drinks, they lack calcium and other healthy nutrients. That’s why these drinks are recommended for youngsters. On the other hand, milk is a great source of protein and calcium and also provides Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 etc. 

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