My Adventures in Snubtown: moonbeam jim chonicles pt. 1

the night air was cool warm sweat oozing in all directions - thick as river mud  queen's thighs-   and he was up to his neck in the luxurious spices of their final good byes  as the  stranger came barreling through bar's door with a bright heavy cheer "'hooray  Hooray -- ~! It's mOon Beam Jim~!    my old plucking string fairy friend!  where have ye been?  sang the minstrel by the tavern's hearth- Chasing the rainbows to the rainbows beginning, of course-~!  he smiles - his heavenly jewels gleaming in the glimmering torch lit shadows  as he slithered into the far corner intrigue again- 

"raise me a thick mead ale to my parched lips lads- i be thirsting for the hard paear cider of yore~ like no other in SNubtown, be she~!

with that-  the mixed bag of evening denizens cheered and drank merrily as Moonbeam jIm beamed graciously with those green brown eyes like no other-    or she held close to her heart

she was a blue bell maiden lost tin the maze of moonbeam jim's hypo chronic spell-   her name was moonspell-   her hair was silver pale blinding - as were her eyes-  which she kept low lidded and hidden from most- 

 no one messed with moon spell--- everyone knew Jim  was sweet on her- 

but she would never tell him how she really felt-  she only wanted to encourage him to carry on  after the tragedies in his previous life's turmoil-  

clasping his gentle yet firm hands on her hips- he looked into those very same eyes-lifting her from the floor-  they danced to the lute and tumbled  with laughs into the comfort of their recessed booth

"thanks for chamelonizing me again-! i lost my way- in the crazy maze,  then i found  his magic hat 

right where he had laid it ever so obviously -  

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