Mind Jolting Excerpts from Alfred Aiken's NOW, part 1


Mind Jolting Excerpts


Alfred Aiken’s “NOW”



Compiled & Introduced




February 2011

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Alfred Aiken’s Book-




In this time when all considerations in the so-called material matrix show themselves to be but irrational delusion—the concepts coming to us from Alfred Aiken's book NOW—offer a glorious breath of fresh air for all.


The following NOW concepts are by no means NEW.  They are Eternally OLD.  The idea of a human race is what’s relatively new and very illusionary to boot!  How can humans have other than an experience of painful chaos—from so-called birth all the way to death and a grave!  As man thinks in his mind, so is he, and so is such reality fulfilled to the very letter!  The Mind of God knows naught of any such nonsense!  To awake out of the human delusion is to know only God and to think only as the Same—hence no birth/death/or grave experience is feasible or possible!  Truly, the sole Mind that knows God, is That Mind which Is God!  Besides Divine Mind, there is no existence!


Reflections on the writings of

Marie S. Watts


Alfred Aiken

How can there be—indeed, are there in existence any beings that have not discovered or remembered themselves to be the Infinite All-Knowing, All-Wise and Loving God?  If so, who are these people?  Where do they live?  If indeed, there is no thing or place outside of God, and that God is All as All, pray tell then, where and who are these beings that are thought capable of benefiting from these so-called revelations of True God-Self Identity?


          Is God or part of God lost and forgetful?  How can this be?  In whose thoughts and perceptions do such displaced God-beings exist, sufficiently so, that they are driven to provide a so-called revelatory road map to assist these lost ones in finding their way back home?


Truly, and in the Light of

the Absolute and Sole Reality,

no such people did ever or could ever exist.


However, in the absence of what follows, a statement of this nature would leave us with a blatant and unfathomable contradiction.


The Play Divine

Only in consideration of That which is called God’s Great Cosmic Fun Play, is clarity said to emerge (but only in a make-believe sense) in regard to such questions to an actress or actor therein. 


Assuredly, to give place to any being of whom it is said that such has not yet come to realize that he or she is God, is to give acknowledgment to massive seeming absurdity, and imperfection.  Only in the Divine Play of make-believe is such funny stuff occurring. Obviously, there is no “real” imperfection anywhere! There is only play or pretend imperfection.


It is in this connection that it is said that to consciously ascend out of the Play is to be done as a participator with all such fantasy.  But this is all part of the make-believe domain as well.  For obvious reasons, Omnipotent God can only in-act or play act a role wherein a portion of That which He or She IS, is made to appear to ascend from a fictitious dimension called unreality into the actual Cosmic Reality which always and immutably Is.  Actually no part of Infinite Being did ever or could ever descend from Its Immutable State, and therefore the idea of a portion of Such returning or ascending back to Its original Divine Status is merely more play stuff—nothing less, nothing more.


What Glorious Fun!


Of a surety, the Grand Intelligence behind this remarkable Play Production has well seen to it that every last actress and actor is to terminate their role before the Movie ends.   For obvious reasons, the Real Beings behind all acting roles could never actually experience or be present as scripted participants within this Amazingly Incredible Screen Play.


What a Joyous Movie!


And everybody gets to live happily ever after just as we always did throughout the Blissful Eternity before.



An Inescapable Reaction

In the Dream of human existence—no one can read the book NOW, by Alfred Aiken, and ever be able to view life the same again!  Regardless of whether or not one agrees with its contents is beside the point—he will never be able to view even a single detail of his life experience the same again.  That's how powerful this thesis is!  And that’s just on the surface of it!


All quotes offered from Alfred Aiken’s NOW are verbatim all the way through, and are randomly selected.  I highly recommend this volume and know that those only will obtain it that are supposed to.





This, and other-like books, can be obtained via:


Mystics of the World,

PO Box 164,

Eliot, ME 03903





The following selections are herein presented for your shear Cosmic Pleasure.


Excerpts from the book



Alfred Aiken


Spending thousands of years in the business of being human has accomplished nothing in Fact, for there is no Truth in humanity.  No thing and no one is man.  There has never been a race of mortals, any more than there has been a flat earth.  Spirit only, is Infinite, All, for the entire duration of Everpresent Eternity.  p 118


It is not human toil and labor that accomplishes aught in Truth.  Struggle, strife, battling has never yet won Heaven.  If it could have done so, would it not have become universal after lo, these many eons during which it has been tried?  Would not peace, plenty, security and joy be the norm?  But these are Real only to the One who is still, and knows “that I am God.”  (Ps 46:10.)  This Awareness is a peace that is beyond any so-called human comprehension.


Humanity being but a belief without a believer, has kept itself so rushed in its foolish effort to carve out a living for itself, so occupied mopping the sweat from its face, so utterly in ignorance as to the nature and meaning of Wealth or Supply, that it has no time for Peace, no inkling of Heaven and happiness.  In fact, no human can ever enjoy Heaven, for there is no human, and never was.


To show how void of Truth so-called humanity is, let us examine it further.  The driving force of human sense is fear.  The human is afraid he will not have enough, afraid someone will cheat or outsmart him, afraid something will take his gains from him.  He fears that when he has amassed supply, the government, a panic, or a recession in the market, a national or international calamity, a catastrophe of war, or the depreciation, the devaluation of his currency will strip him.  He fears that his health will give out so he will have to spend his money for medical services, or that his income will be cut off; that his family will waste his earnings; that he will die and have to leave his gains behind.


In no way is this how God feels, nor can fear ever motivate Action, Good-in-business.  Love cannot know fear or its purported fruits.  Wealth has naught to do with amassing a fortune.  It has nothing to do with finite sense, the so-called commotion and movement of mortals, their work, labor or evolvement.  Wealth has nothing to do with lack, a high IQ, intellectual theorization; with the stars, numerology, or with any other belief dealing with human good-fortune or Lady Luck.  Wealth is a term for God, the same as the words Love, Life, Health, Mind, Power, Individual, Identity.  pp 114,115

To repeat, there is nothing human anywhere.  This means there is no human law, body, mind or world, no human operation or business, no human lack or limitation, action or experience.  But, so long as one insists on identifying himself and his neighbors as such, the follies and foibles of this belief will hound his every step.  Why?  Because this is the sole picture he is clinging to and endeavoring to enact.  He will have not only wars mental, but wars physical and all that goes with the belief of such an ugly, Truth-deficient spectacle.


As pointed out again and again, in Truth there is no devil, no activity of such and no victims thereof.  God being All, who is left to suffer evil, assuming there could be such.  p 113


The human sense is so void of Intelligence, of Truth that it unhesitatingly assumes that God is responsible.  Nay, its assumption becomes a positive conviction that this is the case!  Ignorance, human sense, never doubts its own authenticity, the validity of its nonsense, because being utterly without Truth, without Intelligence, its fiction is fact to it.  It has no Reality with which it can compare.  Its ways-many are but divisions of itself.  Its extremes are but opposite ends of the same falsehood.


Is it any wonder then that he who would do business as a man, conduct a human business, is dealing only with the “mist” that goes up from the face of the earth and waters the whole face of the ground?  (See Gen 2:6.)  He is operating entirely in a myth, hence his business is but a mythical operation.  It should be clearly factitious that any and all purported human business, the business of trying to be a human, is doomed from its mistaken inception, and can give One no happiness, joy or prosperity because it is un-Truth.  God knows it not, and can do naught for or to it.

The business of being the Self-you-be is forever undivorced from I–Am.  It is forever prosperously Good-business, Living-business, Alive–Conscious-business inclusive of all that means God.  pp 112,113


From a so-called human approach this Awareness, this Self-Identity is impossible.  The educated sense of finity is so microscopic as to contain no Truth, no Mind, no Existence; nothing Real, nothing Undimensional, nothing Infinite, hence cannot behold any vestige of your Forever Identity.  p 110


Nothing human makes sense, for there is no sense in humanity, and no sense that is human.  All sense is Divine, and only the Divine-I-Am-Sense is all.  p 106


Remember, God does not deal with another, or with others.  God is not in business with another, or for another.  God has no partners.  We are not human partners, not His children or shareholders, not a creation partaking of His Presence, Power, Affluence, Beneficence, Wisdom, Love!


God being One alone, without another, leaves no associates, no customers, clients, dependents, relatives or beneficiaries.  There is none to inherit Good from God.  God has no offspring, knows none in addition to Himself, and cannot will aught to another, or be willing any other enjoys a single iota of Good.


Good belongs to God exclusively.  To no one else can It ever belong, nor can another experience It.  Only God knows Good, enjoys Good, experiences Good—only God can experience the experience of being God, Good!  Only God can experience the experience of Being, of Existing, of Living, for only God is Life, the very Life of this Self that is I!  p 105

To pray to God as man, a human, a sinning mortal assuming that Truth will meet or help to solve the problem of being human, is to work in darkness—is to sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind. (See Hos 9:7.)  Such prayer or request is always based on duality, supposition, superstition and is void of Truth, hence does not and cannot reveal the affluence, the magnitude of your unfathomable abundance.  The Infinite-I-Am-Intelligence knows nothing of finite prayer or of the one praying thus.  God’s business is to be the Alone One without another, and God attends to His business without interruption.  He has no other business and no other business has Him—no other business exists, God being all.


That which believes it must beg Truth to be truthful, Omnipresence to be present, Intelligence to be intelligent is not the I that is God, the I-that-I-Am—is not My I-Identity.  Such a request stems from the myth that there is another beside the One-Alone-Infinity, the All-Good-Presence, God.  Such a request may be assumed to be true prayer, and there may be sufficient faith in its utterance that what is requested may materialize after the manner in which it is expected, but there is no God in it.  The results of faith may appease the hunger for a time; may seem to fill the vacuum of nothingness which gave it rise, but ultimately faith will not be sufficient to meet the need.  Its believer is then left in a night without a star.


Truth does not depend on faith.  pp 103,104


Is there an outside pressure bearing upon the Infinite-One-I-Am?  Is there danger of the Alone One being swindled, depleted, lost?  Can evil, stupidity, mortal belief, darkness, Communism move in and take over, ruin Unchanging Love, wreck God’s Infinite Affluence, drive Mind into insanity, take Intelligence out of circulation and place It in a concentration camp, a body, a finite prison?  Can ignorance rob and pillage Substance, desecrate and destroy Spirit, stultify and starve Infinite Power into submissiveness?


Can Awareness be taken prisoner, be subjected to nuclear fission, be tortured into denying Truth?  Can Consciousness be invaded, driven out of Infinity, out of Itself?


Can Existence be destroyed, Wealth burned, Soul laid waste?  Can Life be killed?  Can aught finite, dimensional, a self-constituted belief which has neither God, Mind, Substance, Entity, nor Existence, intrude itself upon the Infinite One and expunge Truth?  Who says so, and to whom do such questions come?  Is Intelligent Awareness, Self-Identity troubled by such impossibilities?  Never!


From this moment what Self are you going to claim—the One that is yours, or the one that is not; that which is One, or what is not One?  Will you insist on being a so-called human, a mortal, hence sick, sinning, lack-weary?  Will you deny your Self in order to claim that you are man, a being cursed from inception to suffer poverty, to struggle with limitation in all fields of endeavor; a creature of confusions, doubt, duality, indecision, darkness and despair; a creation of mist, of a mythical deity, an animal urge, chemistry, and subject to depression, disaster, disintegration, disease, disorientation, destruction and ultimate death?


Are you now awake to who and what you are, awake to your Self-identity?  Are you rejoicing in God, in Life, in Being the I that is, the All of all, the Omnipresent Power that is Individually Identifying Itself as this very Conscious Awareness, this All-inclusive Intelligence I call “Me”—this Me besides whom I can be no other?  pp 101,102


Love always looks within Its own Infinity where It beholds Its Entirety.  Never would Life attempt to look “up” to Itself, for this would imply levels, planes, evolution, duality, separation, divisibility, obscurity, confusion, growth, expansion, progression, improvement.  There is naught that can come between Love and Its Awareness of Itself.  There is no otherness, no lack or impurity, adulteration or alteration of Its Oneness.  p 99


Does Intelligence supply Itself with all Truth merely to serve as a storehouse, a library full of Fact to whom others, lesser minds can turn, tune or plug in to get the necessary information they require; that they can benefit by, or by means of which they can grow, evolve, emerge, attain, progress, understand and know?  P 91

Does God stay in the Good-business only because there is a shortage of Good, hence always a demand?


Does a lack of Good, a demand for Good make Good more valuable, or stimulate an increase in Good’s Presence, God’s Supply of Himself?


Who needs God, God being all of all?  God being Infinite, Omnipresent, where is Goodness missing, or in excess?  Are there additional minds—human, ignorant, confused or lost souls, minds or identities that are crying out for God, for Good, for Supply—minds, bodies, things needing and wanting to do business with Good, with Truth, with Reality?  Who says so—does Truth declare there are others, or does education, personal sense, theology, humanity make the charge?  Without such rationalization these could no longer pretend existence.  pp 90,91


With Infinity, demand is not the measure of Abundance, need is not the stimulus of Supply, any more than death is the cause of Life or evil is the alchemist of Good, God!  Affluence is because It is God’s nature, Being being Infinitely Omnipresent.  p 87


To finite sense all business is a form of exchange, a traffic or supposed activity that goes on between people.  It is predicated on the assumption that without “others” there could be no business.  That without lack, privation, want, demand there would be no incentive for betterment, progression, development, evolution; for struggle and attainment; no reason to supply, procure, grow, manipulate and distribute commodities.


Lack, limitation is the super-structure, the substance of our human economy.  p 85


Does business mean labor, work, occupation, employment on the so-called human plane?  Are there planes in Truth?  Does Intelligence know aught of trade?  With whom would God transact such activity?  What could God get or receive that He is not the entirety of already?


Is Consciousness interested in enterprise, a scheme, or in a long-term plan, a system for accomplishing ultimate production and success, an evolvement, a development?  Is Mind going in for trade, patronage?  Is Soul intending to increase Its coverage, add to Itself, acquire, expand or take on more than the all of all that It now is?


In Truth, the word “business” does not refer to humans, or their purported movement, their fearful scurrying about.  In Truth, One is not human.  There is no human one, for the Sole-One-Being is Divine throughout.  Business then means Consciousness being everlastingly Itself; Being busy being Itself—busy being active, alert, aware, conceptive, perceptive.  It means Individual Conscious Intelligence enjoying, reveling in the full awareness of Infinite Entirety, of Beauty in all Its variations; Life in all Its Infinite ramifications; Action in all Its many-faceted manifestations; Truth, Infinite All-inclusive Perfection, vitally vibrant here and now as this very I that I Am!


Yes, Dear Reader, this is Truth’s sense of business, the only business God knows.  It has nothing to do with exchange.  It is not based upon lack, upon a supply keeping pace with demand, a limitation that needs relieving, helping, succoring.  pp 86,87


One cannot enter heaven, a sense of peace, plenty and security by storm, by human effort, or by the door of theology, education, petition, or subterfuge.  There is but One Way, and that Way reveals that the I-Am of you has never left Its I-Am-Identity, hence never became prodigal.  This being Truth, One cannot return, nor does He need to.  The I-Am-that-I-Am includes heaven this moment.  God is all of all right now.  p 82


God can know nothing more intimately than He does this I-Am-Identity, because It is God Himself   being Infinitely Intelligent; Life being Individually Alive; Mind being Individually, All-inclusively Conscious; Soul being Total Action, All-sensible, Absolutely Cognizant of utter Perfection, Pure Beauty, Unrestricted and Undimensional Immensity, Reality, Self-being.  This is the I that I am, now and in all ways.  Can I ask more?  I can never be less.  And nowhere throughout My I-Identity can I find either cause or effect, evil, Satan, duality, creation, a fall or a demand to rise again, a “time” in which atonement is either feasible or possible.  pp 76,77

Every form of education based upon duality, upon a division, a fall, a separation or departure from the Perfection of Omnipresence, is error.  Every teaching that includes the existence of evil in its thesis, includes devils, Satan, a something opposed to The One Alone Intelligence, Truth, is fraught with disaster for it is absolutely false throughout.  Every concept predicated on cause and effect is doomed to ultimate exposure as a fraud.


No, Dear Reader, God knows nothing of this “mist”-creation, the talking serpent, the Adam curse, a present day humanity with its multiplied troubles.  God is present tense only, and as Omnipresence He is not creating a creation, conceiving man, or producing aught that can, God does not hear humanity’s cry because where God is all there is no humanity.  Consciousness knows nothing of man; does not chastise or even include the human animal within Mind.  pp 75,76

Happiness, Heaven at hand, is the Awareness of the Presence of God.  Herein is no limitation whatever, no cause or effect.  God causes nothing, and God has not been caused.  He is not a creator, nor has He been created.  God is truly “without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life.”  (Heb 7:3.)


You may not desire to accept this, but it is Truth nevertheless—there is no creation; there is no effect of God; God is not the primal, the first or great cause, theology to the contrary.  There is only God Himself, being.  Being, being Itself only.  This Truth does not give rise to effects, a production, an accretion.  All is God, being God.  All Action is God.  All Substance is God.  All Existence is Life living.  There is nothing else.


The whole of “man’s” occupation is one of obtaining a living, carving a place for himself within his time-sense of society.  Always there is a battle to be fought.  He generally desires more than three score years and ten, there is so much he wants to do.  Nowhere in the human pattern, the racial drive, is there a stopping place, yet he knows at the outset of the race that his gains will be stripped from him—that death will take the spoils.  He labors under the conviction that this is an inescapable certainty, yet he battles on, seldom if ever questioning the rules of this game that are stacked against him—a game in which no human player can win. 


Does Truth know aught of birth,   frustration, disease, struggle, privation, death?  Can the victim of evil pray himself up to God?  Will God open the way of escape from Satan’s trap?  Did God ever promise that whosoever prays to Him sincerely, will be answered?  Is prayer the only method, or system whereby one can free himself of sin and its consequences?  Carefully consider these questions before answering them.  Is your answer based on a general acceptance of cause and effect, or upon the Absolute Allness of Infinite Perfection?


As a human, one’s sincerity or the length of time spent in praying to a God who, as man he cannot know, will not save him from going the way of all flesh, and whereby his place shall know him no more.  Because it is so unnecessary, so futile, it makes the folly appear doubly tragic, yet this pattern, with some modern refinements, will seem the norm so long as one insists on playing prodigal from the Self, clinging to human identity; to cause and effect—a mythical deity, time, separation, duality, biology and all included therein, as the explanation of his being.


Do not be dismayed if the protests to these pronouncements, or if the mutterings of anger rise in pitch until they are like thunder. The lie, posing as Truth, evades, voids and avoids that which reveals its nakedness.


The proud intellect defends intellectualism lest its theoretical foundation, its inconsistent compromise and rationalization be exposed.  The learned do not like to appear ridiculous.  The zealot does not like to be entrapped by his zeal.  The pious, the martyr, the doer-of-good does not like to discover he has wasted his years being prodigal, rooting among husks that even the swine find useless.  pp 63-66


Nothing Real can disappear.  Only what is within and of this Reality, exists.  Whatever purportedly contradicts Absolute Present Perfection is without foundation, is without presence, power, identity.  Such need not be destroyed—in fact, it cannot be destroyed for it is not.  To attempt to do aught with evil, or to it, one must deny Truth; he must function from the premise of cause and effect, that God is a liar, Truth is false, Life is mortal, Omnipresence is absent, Omnipotence is powerless, Omniscience is stupid and that Omniaction is paralyzed.  Naturally, under this delusion, evil’s victim finds himself avoiding Awareness, repudiating Authority, denying his Identity and at war with the Self. 


Metaphysics would have you apply Truth to the problem so that the lie, the error will vanish and you will be healed.  Would you say this is God’s Way?  Remember, before you answer, that the Fact is: God is all Truth; All Truth is God, so there is naught but the All that God is. This leaves no un-Truth to be dealt with.  God being the Alone-One-All excludes Satan.  God does not heal evil, or cause evil to go anywhere.  God being God leaves evil, Satan, no place to begin with, hence no place to end the career it never has!  pp 67,68


Without cause and effect there could be no beginning, no end; no creation, no man; no shortage, lack, excess, trouble, fear, dis-ease; no fall from Grace, no sin, hence no atonement.  p 61


To judge that Truth is more righteous than evil is to still be in error. Any form of comparison is odious.  “To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One.”  (Isa 40:25.)


Truth reveals there is only Truth.  Nothing else exists with which to compare It.  There is no other Authority.  Truth is not getting the victory over evil, dominating error, combating sin, warring with the devil, vanquishing death and the grave.  Truth reveals Perfection as the Sole One Presence, the very Individual One I Am and shall be forever.  There is nothing that has to be done to bring It about.  No prodigality has ever cost Me the Identity I Am.  No purchase price needs be paid to recover, regain, or get back that-which-I –Am this very instant.


Truth reveals there is no sin or sinner, no errors of omission or commission, no fall, no redemption required or possible.  Truth reveals Authority in full Constant-Action as this I-Am, this Intelligent Consciousness reading these words, using this moment, being the Individual I Am.  


I do not have to go anywhere, learn anything, do aught to accomplish My-Being—I-Am-what-I-Am-NOW.  p 55


We are taught that we must learn to think, evolve, improve, progress—that we must lift ourselves above where we first began, or else the time we have spent in this experience has been futile, wasted, a failure.


We are taught mortals.  That is, we are taught a code whereby we are fenced in for our protection lest we err and are damned forever; whereby, what might chance to prove a pleasant pastime, or diversion in our journey through this vale of tears, is also fenced out lest we actually find a bit of fun and pleasure!  Suffering, sorrow, grief and pain is the slogan for mortals.  Confusion, fear, taxes and death are emblazoned upon humanity’s banner.  In misery there is virtue, they assume, for it is the heartache and frustration that necessitates growth and salvation.  Salvation from what?  God being all, from what does one need saving, and who is this one who is to be saved? How?  Truly, what is man that thou art mindful of him?  Adam, where art thou?


Is it not now that we should cease from insisting that we are man whose breath is in his nostrils?  Can that which comes from dust, and unto dust must return, be the Identity of this very I-that-I-Am?  p 49


Perfection cannot improve, evolve, progress.  All cannot increase, nor decrease—change to partial, or total oblivion!


The so-called block in our perception, the confusion, the mysticism comes from assuming we are man, children of deity, children of biology; that we are animals, mortals, humans.  This sense of identity is utterly void of Truth; it is mere “mist”-identity.  p 48

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