Wizard Notes  - published by Rocking Horse Press-- 2017-  author- Taya Lee  

re-incarnated writer types backwards

walked into my office with a new story

…so here I am - living in another galaxy on another planet - standing by this mountain stream in the middle of the night in late summer- I feel a little bad- because I removed a stone from the stream that was Burbling excessively. I guess the water pressure was causing it make a knocking , dull sound .  Sleeping at last in  my grandfather Pine ancient tree top circular platform wraparound dwelling- hard wood lattice lace work abound- stunning to behold- with silver and red glimmering ropes silk work from the Elf Builders of Yore~!  

    I’m almost alien, yet not quite human- and i really just keep changing- i have no control- so they say i may be a true changeling-  we are definitely a higher evolved on the grand scale of sentient carbon life forms and have been gleaning the cosmos for all notable works of creativity- including books- music- etc  I don;t know how many alternate stories I'm in right now- but one thing's for certain- they just keep coming!   One minute I'm here, catching a wizard's rest-  the next- I dissolve and re-fragment on another world- and instantly find myself caught up in the Dark/ Light mythos of the World's ruling powers- 

        The parallels are always shocking to me to me- yet I can;t deny - everyone's pretty much going through the same epic classic struggles of conquest- coexistence and hopefully- infinite harmony before they destroy themselves for petty greed and misgivings

...so one minute i'm the tiny wizard with the invisible hat- and the next- I'm some space lady living on a Lizard World- on some quest as old as time itself- to solve the hyper fractal phenomena. I've even been conjured into in-animate objects when the deities ordain.   One nice note of consistency-  I always suddenly retain my previous knowledge of these alternate personas upon transmogrifying.  I seem to lurch into the needs of my lords- queens- and kings- and companions of the high road with zealous acceleration. 

    "Well- rocking in my space chair- again- let me draw this smoke into my slow beginning"

     The little blue wizard floated over the elf children- strumming oak harp- fairy smoke music enchanted the room with sweet flowing love-  entertaining them with wit and wisdom-  as the tiny golden fire kept the cottage with warm cheer-  

     "We need a beginning--   he plucked a Ionian scale-  on the tiny harp- grinning - his head tilting back as floated around the rooms observing his students-  ..."You are a beginning, my children!   "  he immediately lurched into a classical harp melody- so enchanting - like sonic ribbons of gossamer caressing the soul-  -and you could almost taste the amorphous colors.  

He came to a hover still in the center of the group- a stern look coming across his blue wizard eyes-  as his beard transitioned from silver to purple-  Sipping a quick magic cup of tea - he smiled- and began again..."'We need a middle...    He played the oak harp again- this time- strumming a hypnotic almost weaving the invisible fabric of faith and fortitude amidst the elf children. -  he tossed the harp into the air- and it dis-appeared-

....raising his wand- his caterpillar eyebrows furrowed ..."You will live your life as the Middle of the Story-  it ultimately exudes all that you experience- if you have the time to develop your passion -  we all come into this world with the same raw potential-  it's up to us where we take - before transformation...it's the only way ....trust me--- he dashed his wand and strange magic began to fill the hearts and souls of the little upstart inquisitive elf dreamers

     ...and with a spectacular burst of crystal existance-  the wizard's tiny familiar materialized-   The elf students gasped in exasperation-  their eyes lighting up all around the fire lit room-  Perched on his left shoulder- the black cat with white tiger stripes adorning his underbelly was definitely not an ordinary cat! by far-  for one thing- the eye immediately locked you in as you alight upon it-

    The wizard carried on "... and you get tho heavy molecular atomic feeling that you are in the presence of a n ancient divine being-  you are seeing the true self of the Fairy Prism kitten Familiar Heritage-  They choose to come from the Land of the Fae to aid certain light magic practitioners"  

     The Fairy cat smiled and licked its whiskers non- chalantly- stunning flecked purple metallic eyes- spoke to the wizards ear- softly- it's voice soothing and yet wise beyond sonic measures

      "I just finished a great book- by this guy from Planet Earth- in the Milky Way- NeverdyeTye is is name- and a slithering good writer if I ever read one~!    

    In fact- the story was so compelling- I had deja vu-  I realized this is a book -My Soul Spark of existence manifested on Earth billions of years ago -   it literally was like a catalyst- everything came storming back into my Alien DNA - 

     ...So that little guy on Earth wrote that great book~, eh?  the wizard smiled- stroking his beard- Ferrin Knob paced to the other side of stone hewn floor-  the firelight undulating gentle warmth to the crisp Spring Eve

       He waved his wand skillfully- tracing rainbows-   sparks residue-     “I can smell the crabapple blossoms~!… inhale   such fragrant beauty~! ...as a serpentine wind channels through the forest glade Ahhh~! "   Delicate wind chimes could be heard in the distance; just then, the wizard's beard changed color to dark purple as he suddenly dis-appeared, locked in the enchantment of a cherished memory..    his voice continued  ..." and then their fair delicate rose pink petals fall ever so mystical against the emerald sea of wild mountain grass ,  Alas!  Come to the window- and gaze upon your truly majestic Lands, my King~!"

        The dark night lay shrouded in mist- a nightingales song could be heard trailing away -  silver stars speckled the night tide -  the wizard began to flutter - drag- is more like it- then spontaneous combustion-- just gone! 

..."far away on the other side of reality 

a fantasy is waiting to come to life

      "Go ahead and try-   if you’re not sure- because i am"

      Suddenly the tiny blue wizard got sucked into a hyper fractal trapdoor- whisked right out his present space and time and pulled in as if by psychic tractor beams to his long time nemesis dark underworld realm-  the Void.

Her voice , like liquid angels wings- gentle and commanding

The mage stood her ground-  her lavender tunic and leathern rivulets studded brown skin tight pants-  she turned head on into the fire of desire

"Zenithia  -  cast your spell now~! "

   "...Well the book was a damn good book- in fact it was really strange- every time i picked it up-  the book sensed my moods & emotions  and the words would move right in front my eyes  like magic and tell new tales of high adventure and fantastic character chemistry- just like the magic books in the old fantasy legends"

      "So we all go shooting up like a star, of course- when we shed our carbon life form on Earth- and that’s why there’s so many  of ‘em~!  he beamed -captive eyes on the celestial secrets, again- Eh?"  the purple beard wizard smiled and descended to the floor- his brown boots landing softly- he walked in front of each Elf Student- pausing briefly and looking them each directly in the eyes

"I see great deeds and wise satisfying lifetimes ahead for you all~!"

with that said  let the poetry sessions begin-  , Krysth -  please do the honors-  a little yellow robed gnome served tea and vegan cakes as the 1st student read their poem of the day

"mercury in my teeth and a  silver spoon

and the little boy blue jumped over the …..    page into another  psychedelic moon~!

so heavenly-   how’d I get in this heavenly traffic  jam?

no ones going anywhere!

the golden elf dashed into the air in a magic diamond scatter spectacular expression as she ascended into the forest canopy

she rested in the tree tops- and spoke these words whilst communing with the sky ethereals ...


       The wizard clapped and smiled- Bravo, Bravo, Izola. Obviously, you took a walk on the other side for the human references to the poem  "Never forget our legends-   for goodness sakes!  we honor your divine energy and infinite Love and Wisdom -  you even immortalized the magic sonic tapestry-  you are so alive!

       ...meanwhile- back inside the wizards mind-  back way back inside the castle keep- in the mystic sacred chamber of Illusions -  nestled somewhere inside the ancient Amethyst Forest  - fairy locked under Tree sprit protection from detection by dark minded beings-  Mellifluous shape shifting harmonic voices converge in the the Wizards' court- echoing - through the epic marble pillars-    fractured shards of morning light hailing through the massive tetragonal ceiling structure - silver robed royal figures with blue sashes are gathered at the peace circle -

amid the conversing Lord Grifrelm of the West Mountain Kingdom stood before the group - articulating with his arms for emphasis one key words. "truly we are humbled  , my lords- the prophesied keys to the 6 riddles of the Dark Fairy Queen have been located - We are devising a re-capture plan - as we speak. We will have to choose our most promising young warlocs and Sorcerers to to help save the Elven forest from the rise of Ocnabin - the Bane of all good creatures on our only world- Valterya ~!!

        Cheers broke out- mead steins came pounding down on the oak counter in unison--  "All Hail Valterya~!!  Wizards; World !~!!""

Lord Grifelm, raised his stein and joined them-  then -- turning away from the seers-   he smiled- in good cheer and turn back - shifting velocity-  with a fierce determination in his low warm fireside volume baritone voice, " they have always been our strangest familiars - guiding us- advising us- un-consciously most times- with the far prism kitten infiltrators of all space and yarns yet to be unraveled and tales yet to be told...Each Defender of Valterya will be psychic matched with a blinking' in  familiar  for their own personal backup protection and advisor- on this perilous mission~! "

"May the Legends Rise Again!

...to be continued

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