Welcome to the Land of Fae~

Landa Fae blinked in like a firefly 

“bet cha so glad to be out of tha modern world you came from~!  

all original magic here- if you can dream it- it is here~!” the top of the barrel? - the intrigued fairy asked

"Sometimes- & sometime you have to search deeper or farther- 

and of course it all depends on where your mysterious heart will lead you, little friend~!"

       She wondered about that for a moment looking all starry eyed with wonder-

Silver Lyre stepped into the cobble stone shadows by lantern light- mystic enchanting town

always wandering-  slithering- sensual questing with comfort flutes playing from a street performer in the mellow diminishing  evening  night flowers emissions crowd

Landa inhaled the street scents- random spices- meats- and teas brewing

Unlike most west of the border towns- WHimsicalia was not a dominant meat community- infact-  mostly vegans  here and   cool minstrel scenes too in the tea clubs 

Her blue mage robe - heavy thick organic  hemp - blue fairy natural dye- catching a wispy night wind , a smoky lavender drawling from a herbal shop to her left-  she sighed in the moment's bliss

her chameleon eyes phasing into crystal blue as a strange music slithered  beneath her natural hemp walking boots

....a timeless melody floating through the centuries - down ancient castle halls

and Sacred Forests of Elderwine celebrations 

magic blood is divine

like the ever glow of true wine

Love is the blood of my true Love 

Roses blue

...the mellifluous  cheerful voice caressed  and seemed to infuse her with it's positive soulful energy 

she spied the singer with his strange ever green glowing stringed instrument just down the cheerful walkway- sitting on a stone ledge by a flower garden of big bright moonflowers- petals opening slowly- amid passerby's- good folks catching a night evening's brisk enchantment after a long days hustle-

cheerful voices- song birds- -  wooden cart wheel screaking- over the stones

Happy Satyrday~~!   Cheer up- that's what I say

basically a typical saturday 

in WHimicalia

WHimsicalia~!  WHimsicalia~!  

the voice was strange like many changing tonal variations, yet so compelling

she drew closer to the musician- or poet-   caught in the spell?

she lit her small pipe- drew in a smoky herb- smiling- she passed it to the musician-

What is your name, mr. mysterious?

he turned to her with a spontaneous beam of a cheerful smile- his greenish eyes captivating - heavy with some kind magic- un-deniable-  

not to mention very charming features- silver and brown hair- flowing like a natural river over his shoulders simple brown tunic -pants- hemp boots

Moonbeam JIm- pleased to meet you~, my Lady

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