What if?

I think it is really meant to be,
said she,

it's crazy like some sort of fairytale love story!
Some kind of fate - sounds dumb I know!

But her intuition didn't think so.
When he would sing, she'd cry.
But why?
Was it because her heart knew every word to every song,
and just couldn't help but skip along.
He had that smile, that unique style.

If she were lucky enough to catch his gaze,

his world would turn into a daze.
Not only do they both love to blaze,
but their hearts are both a maze.
What is this craze? Just a temporary phase?
Could it be?Since their eyes met - they've both been in a cloudy haze.
Will he write her next page?

She'd hope he didn't mind the age,
and they both had all the exact same ways.

He says, Let me in,
together we can change this world, all we have to do is begin.
She tends to hate all men,
but this one is one-in-a-bazillion.

So let them explore, dream, and discover
not only the world, but dive within one-another.
Adventuring to new lands,
taking on the world - hand-in-hand.
but if they resist,
their chance will be missed.

It wasn't just the passion, talent or looks.
They never fell for those superficial hooks.
You only read about people like these type of people in books.

She wore it on her sleeve, but never gave it away, how does he have this hold on her heart?

Even though so far apart.

Could this be a new start?

They’ve both got heart, soul, and a deep love for art. Even both burst into laughter at the sound of a fart.

Is this it? Could it be true love, or merely a crush?

If the latter, Then why do do they feel such a rush.

Why are their hearts melted to mush?

He’s moving on up now, and soon She'll hardly be enough.

Man this situation sucks!
Finding A remedy for these longing hearts will be tough.

All they need is each other’s love,

They both must be sent from above.

Although they never believed in that kind of thing until now.

This can’t be coincidence. No way! No how!

She’d never even glance towards Mr. Right Now,

But for him she’d gladly take a bow.

They both hardly ever gave love a chance,

but once their souls got together for a dance,

they collided, the world stopped – instant trance.

Will they ever get the chance for romance?

Even with all those ‘cants’

coming from all of those conforming marching ants.

What do they know?

But then again, What do you know?

In life the biggest lesson I have learned is just to let it all go.

Just relax and let it naturally flow.

For the answers to the questions – none of us will ever know.

Especially if we just continue to follow.

So break away, slow your speed.

For this moment holds everything you’ll ever need.

So take that lead, there are infinite souls to feed.

As for now, just let it be.

We’ll all just have to wait and see.

Could he hold the key?

Finally have they both found their other ‘me’?

Maybe they’ll sail across the deep blue sea,

or build their sanctuary in a tree.

For it doesn’t matter to me,

As long as together we’ll always be.....

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