I was reading the blogs this morning and I read alot about peoples personal struggles and joys as they work and play along the Rainbow Road. That is great, that is human, that is real. Of course we all want to be good, kind people, independent of the society that is doing so much damage...But everyone is at a different point in this process and I feel there needs to be as much patience with another person as one has with a child...As we are all children really... growing, learning, loving...I think there are things that set an older child apart from a smaller child ie. life experience, and exposure to unconditional love and patience.

Like Lightwieght was talking about, I see different God's(drugs, ego, self-centeredness as well as Love, and forgiveness) affecting people in different ways. I pray I can heal and get into a situation where I can live full-time in the Catherdral of Nature ( Mama to me) but people who work within the society \ can bring people healing and guidance are walking the Rainbow Road too... WIthout my brother Mikal and my sister Denise, I would still be depressed and miserable in a house , by a beltline and busy 4 lane road. Six months ago that was my reality. They took me to the woods, to the Nationals, to the healing... they lovingly SHOWED me the path was possible, I had forgotten. I

I saw so much ego at Nationals...at first I was sorely disappointed in all of you. I saw/heard arguements, beatings, stabbings, cursing at each other across the meadow(in hateful ways)...I was camped in Kiddie Village and 4 of the couples around me were fighting horribly, 2 of the couples split up at Nationals... it wasn't until July 4th I saw what I had come to see...The rainbow's opened my spiritual eyes, the love opened my heart..

I guess my feeling is, it doesn't matter what picutures you have on your blog(within reason of course), or the clothes you wear , or how clean or dirty you are.... What matters is the unconditional Love for all creatures one carries in ones heart... May I be patient with myself and all others, May I be open enough to know my way is not the only way and probably not even the BEST way ( it is just my way)...May I realize that if I don't get Babylon out of my heart, it doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, I am still bringing Babylon with me.... I love you guys, I pray I can be all I can be (how did a Nike ad get in herre?) LOL

Peace and Love

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Comment by AlmaHawk on July 13, 2010 at 5:35pm
New Mexico 2009 the gathering that I would like to forget.
Comment by VikingWench on November 12, 2009 at 11:07am
Thank you for the touch Lovin' Ya.
Comment by guitar Mikal on November 12, 2009 at 8:27am

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