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The blog of Psalms

So what exactly are Psalms? Most emphatically the Psalms must be read as poems; as lyrics, with all the licenses and all the formalities

We have our modern day prophets shouting from the corners and playing in our ears time after time. Do we heed their voices or hear their words? It’s entirely up to you. I love finding really important messages from my contemporary brothers & sisters. So sing that psalm and give me a modern day message and I’m a happy… Continue

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The Rainbow Family of Living Light

welcomes you to our

Family Gathering

Each year, The Family holds the Gathering of the Tribes, a totally free, non-commercial sharing of our lives and sacred hearts in the Cathedral of Nature.

There is no authoritarian hierarchy here. We have a tribal anarchy where we take care of each other, because we recognize that we are all One. The Gathering works because each of us takes the responsibility for… Continue

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Camp Second Helpin' PT 2

Journey to A Rainbow Second Helpin’

As we arrived in Mississippi at the beginning of December it was evident 150 miles from the coast that much damage was wrought when Katrina danced her way inland. Waveland was on the eastern side of the eye of the hurricane. Meteorologists know that as the most powerful section of that type of storm. As the storm made landfall Katrina brought 9…

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Camp Second Helpin' PT3 How we got our name

Caution: This part of the story isn’t very fluffy and deals with the struggles we came upon in the beginning days of the camp. We didn’t see the Rainbow magic often at our humble start.

We pretty much hit the ground running, we found ourselves having to serve food to the public within hours of arriving. We had not planned for what was about to happen so we simply started out the Rainbow way.

The sun shown beautiful on the grassy lot that we had landed the… Continue

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Camp Second Helpin PT4 Down but not Out…

Down but not Out…

During our short time on the lot in Bayside Park we made many good connections. One that I will remember for the rest of my life was Charles Clements. Everyone called him “Cappie” because he had once been a longtime Captain of his own shrimp boat. Later in life he owned a marine repair shop that he lost during Katrina, but he was still known by everyone as Cappie. You can read his amazing survival story in the book “Hell and High Water”. Cappie was 71 at… Continue

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"Mitakuye Oyas'in"

"Mitakuye Oyas'in" or "All my Relatives"

Most often people outside the Native American spiritually will think of this, as we are all brothers and sisters. This in part is true but the Native Americans literal words and the actual meaning behind them hold a much superior denotation. The actual meaning is; “We are all related, and we are relate to all things”. Now looking at this deeper meaning one can see that they saw and respected their status in the grand scheme of things. Not so… Continue

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When all shall be no more...

I am sharing this in response to a message sent to me from Nomad where in he shares with me some thoughts on fear and death,

{"Fear is the dark ones' most powerful weapon against the light because the energy of fear not only forms a barrier between the consciousness and the soul, it refuels the darkness to keep it thriving. Another means of achieving that two-way objective as well as reducing the world's population was developing various strains of "flu" viruses. An important part of… Continue

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Rainbow Links...

About Rainbow

Gathering Consciousness Rap…

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mornings past

It is before sunrise. The sun seems to be sleeping later these days. Today , a lengthy stretch of my body and a fat lick from the hound awakens the realization of necessity ….. Coffee. As I arise and dress I shiver. The heat of summer has become not a burden but a wish, of the morning, to still be the fretted sunshine and heat of august. The birds sing earlier now, as to say squirrel the time has come, be quick, store you stash as you soon will be blocked by snow . Too much. Back to the morning… Continue

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mother nature

Each day I am witness to mankind's collective struggle to repel encroaching mother nature. With their paving, chopping, cutting and building. Their fingers wore to the bone, their children's ,children's fingers wore to the bone ,battling to repair their father and mothers work. When will man put aside their fears of dirt and water. They cannot stop mother nature at any cost; at any price of life. It is forever unforgiving to them that fear and try to control it. It pushes itself thru the cracks… Continue

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What 4:20 means; The true story behind stoners' favorite number

by Ryan Grimm, The Huffington Post

Warren Haynes Warren Haynes, the Allman Brothers Band guitarist, routinely plays with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead, now touring as The Dead. He's just finished a Dead show in Washington, D.C. and gets a pop quiz from the Huffington Post.

Where does 420 come from?

He pauses and thinks, hands on his side. "I don't know the real origin. I know myths and rumors," he says. "I'm really confused about the first time I… Continue

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by dreamer for everyone

Subject: (ah) - Thanksgiving Council Directions

Subject: Thanksgiving Council Directions

From: jane albert



is at

132 Titmouse Lane

Hedgesville, WV

In the West Virginia panhandle near Maryland & Virginia State


Thursday, November 26 - Sunday, November 29

All friends and family are… Continue

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Loaded Bicycle Touring, Gathering of the Tribes

Loaded Bicycle Touring, Gathering of the Tribes

Looking for others to ride with me, the First on going Rainbow Gathering. Looking for Hippies, Road Dawgs, All Kind Family welcomed to the Loaded Bicycle Touring, Gathering of the Tribes. We will ride by loaded touring bicycles and Gather each night in a new location. This will be a traveling the Rainbow Trail, of the Tribes Gathering. Call me at Rodney aka NormaL T. Joey… Continue

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More Spiritual Poetry from the Book:

Why fear this moment

when no thoughts come

at last I lie naked

in the arms of experience

why fear this moment

when no words come

at last I find rest

in the lap of silence

why fear this moment

when love finds itself alone

at last I am embraced

by infinity itself

why fear this moment

when judgment falls away

at last my defenses

fail to keep intimacy at… Continue

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my journey since july 1st

Hi everyone!

I sure miss being in touch with folks. I left florida at the end of june to go to indiana to help my elderly mom out with some family issues. She had a horrible accident on oct 1st. She had gotten up to pour herself a second cup of coffee and her heart must of stopped. She fell and on her way down hit her head on the solid wood table. It has been a crazy journey for me. My mom is now in a nursing home. I have zero winter clothing and no job as of now. My aunt is poa (power of… Continue

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A little about who NormaL T. is...I am a Servant of the Most High God.
I am a Hippie, Christian Sage, Minister of the Gospel, Herald, A Servant Leader.
Road Dawg by Fully Loaded Touring Bicycle... I am nothing, He is Everything...A lover of People and a friend, a kind Brother. A Jesus Lover, Jesus Freak, Born Again, Out of BABYLON! Jesus is My Lord!

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I was reading the blogs this morning and I read alot about peoples personal struggles and joys as they work and play along the Rainbow Road. That is great, that is human, that is real. Of course we all want to be good, kind people, independent of the society that is doing so much damage...But everyone is at a different point in this process and I feel there needs to be as much patience with another person as one has with a child...As we are all children really... growing, learning, loving...I… Continue

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Leaving BABYLON...

Bicycle Touring let's you travel under your own power. It's Rainbow Friendly, and lets you take what you need to live with you. I am not talking about traveling on a vacation away from home...I am talking about Leaving BABYLON and following the Rainbow Trail. You can hitch hike , but you are depended on babylon to get around...on a fully loaded touring bicycle, you are self depended...Love you kind Family...NormaL T. the Hippie Preacher Jesus Tribes...Rainbow Family of Living Light

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My sister Ladybug has had eating disorders for about half of her life. She is 24 and my mom says that she (my sister) has been bulimic for 10 so odd years. This is disturbing on many levels. I know she has bulimia but I did'nt really count.

What I cannot believe is 10 years of making youself puke just so you don't look 'fat' or have 'rolls'...

She recently this year looked healthier then Amy Winehouse, but not by much, although my mom says that when you are bulimic you do… Continue

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