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Eugene Meditations

Today is Halloween and I think I just GOT to go out for awhile tonight. How can I resist a full moon nite where everyones alter ego surfaces. I contemplate my alter ego....actually I think I have a walk in closet of those....ok so which alterr ego would like to come out tonight...and can I afford him or her or it... Shit I should have planned this out weeks ago...Oh well...I probably couldn't handle the committment with myself anyway...I am horrible at keeping dates, so I probably wouldn't show… Continue

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Dope and the Duped

By Hank Sims – The North Coast Journal -- Humboldt County, CA

Kenneth Little Hawk Why is it that so few people are able to think with a clear head when it comes to the topic of the demon weed? After 40 years of cohabitation, you'd think we'd have a handle on what it is and isn't.

Yet discourse on the subject is even more loopy here than in the nation at large, if such a thing can be imagined. Wherever you go in Humboldt County people seem to think that the cannabis… Continue

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Meet Jaecey Adams

Kenneth Little Hawk I was in Kid Village playing music with Diego and a few other musicians on a lazy afternoon when I first met Jaecey. She was a little girl with a little guitar who was not too shy to find her way into the center of the music energy. She knew a few chords and she told Diego her favorite song was American Pie.

As a musician, I bear a heavy ego burden. Sometimes it seems I am of one mind, like a salmon chasing that high. But I remember how Diego directed our energy into… Continue

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Let's Dose Grandpa!

I was sitting in the tipi on a nice afternoon stringing my guitar when I overheard two of the kids outside.

First grandchild said, “So, what do you wanna’ do?”

Second grandchild said, “I know! Let’s dose Grandpa’.”

I thought to myself, Ha. Ha. Let’s dose Grandpa. Those kids don’t know Grandpa very well.

Just last week I was remembering the good old days. Those were the days of Timothy Leary and Owsley. We were the pioneers of a revolution. We traveled… Continue

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New RSS Feed on guitar Mikal's Page

Many of the videos I recently uploaded came from a site called, Today's Big Thing. I thought about adding the feed, so my guests can view their vids anytime. They are a collection from all over the web with a new one posted nearly every day. Some are fantastic, unusuall and often very funny. You will find "Today's Big Thing" on the left column of my page. Enjoy!

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I woke up on the low side this morning. I checked my page and was hit smack in the face with this splash of love. It was better than an aftershave commercial from the '60s.

So thanks to everyone who passively or actively contributed to this unexpected blessing in perfect time.

I hope it works as well for you -- just when you need it.

I am anticipating a day of labor in the wet and cold, followed by a night in the warm and… Continue

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Ah! Summer's Bliss

I have been blissfully busy during the summer months, as I know so many of you were. I realized in August, that my picture still showed me standing in the snow.

This fall found me in the valley helping with the harvest and engaging many wonderful music circles in Eugene, Or.

Though I have been inside the grid for a while, I have not been focused enough to do any serious writing, although I have so many stories to… Continue

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this sux

thought i was getting out of utah and back on road but i`m pretty sure my ride ditched out so now i got to figure out if i want to hitch out or not

Added by trashie tracy on October 25, 2009 at 8:31am — 1 Comment

The Big SWitch to Jesus

The Big SWitch to Jesus

I practiced Wicca for 25 years. I was a third degree high Priest in a skyclad collective training Coven. I was sold out to Wicca the Goddess and her consort. 12 to 15 years ago some one told me about the Love of a Almighty God who payed the price for my sins. I was trying to cut my Kharma by doing good and learning the lessons so I could evolve Spiritually and get off the Kharmic wheel of Life. We called this the Great Work....... the real meaning of the third… Continue

Added by NormaL T. Joey on October 23, 2009 at 11:37pm — 4 Comments

Filling out information for the welcomehere's new site...

I just filled out my profile for welcome here's new website...I decided to leave a little message about what I thought...to me this is a very disagreeable thing..

Hey, I think the only thing that i dont like about it(welcomehere site)...that you have to give your sexual preference..when i filled out this join me crap...i felt like i was joining some dating site...i def do not want ppl contacting me for those purposes! Some information should be able to be kept private! People on the… Continue

Added by Alicat Shanti on October 21, 2009 at 7:27pm — 3 Comments

Living the Good Life is my Destiny!

Well since the "crash" of Welcome Here...yeah so it wasn't a crash per say...it feels like one to me...

I had some posts up about my Uhaul that is here in Arkansas..well the land that it was on..we have now acquired. 22 acres with a 3 story house and barn with 2 full creeks and natural swimming holes. We are looking for tight family who want to work towards self sustainability. We have 4 permanent members ATM. We also have goats(mohair), chickens(eggs, meat), rabbits(pelts, meat),… Continue

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Guilding Lights

In the spirit of giving I wanted to share with all of you here a small piece I wrote recently, I hope you enjoy!

Guilding Lights written by Ronda Jane for Visions Magazine Online as a readers submission.

I have edited this post so that the piece may read here, I just really liked how the pictures added that visual feeling to the piece. I put the url in a comment I posted below. Lots of Love, RJ

..Guiding Light

..Count each sparkling and speckled stone…

Added by Ronda Jane on October 15, 2009 at 7:30am — 6 Comments


Okay, so I got word from fall 2009 Shawnee gathering. Apparently A camp has left, and the real festivities are just beginning.

I was asked to post information on this site as well as another before I take off myself, but I am having difficulties with Welcome Here. Apparently my account was erased there and now I cannot sign up again as the new security feature has a few bugs and does not refresh when a security code has been used. Can someone who reads this PLEASE repost on Welcome Here?… Continue

Added by Dani January on October 14, 2009 at 8:00pm — 8 Comments

Shama-Lama Mama

Check out Shama-Lama Mama’s photos of the gathering in New Mexico. Please click on the link to view her slide show.

Shama-Lama Mama's Rainbow photos

I have been busy in the forest enjoying summer and all the family passing through on the trails. I’m in the valley now, helping with the harvest. It’s been a good year from…

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Who are the REAL mis-fits?

Misfit is the label given by society to those humans who don’t match the criteria for ‘normal’ behavior, beliefs and desires.

Most so-called ‘normal’ people accept if they are to sport the ‘normal’ badge, they will be required to shape themselves into psychological, career and social boxes that we know deep down are not contoured to the freedom, spontaneity and genuine expression of the individual spirit.

The ‘normal’ illusion versus reality

In… Continue

Added by Pierre Soleil on October 8, 2009 at 1:30pm — 3 Comments

Harmonic Emergence

The Time is Now

When we moved out here to the edge of the Cohutta wilderness we knew we were

enacting the first stages of a vision , a dream of a better world through the

emergence of an indigenous consciousness in the mankind leading to a simpler

more earth-bound way of living.

Sounds grand, but like all visions they begin with getting off our backsides and

just doing stuff, sometimes not even knowing why, just because it feels right.

We… Continue

Added by Pierre Soleil on October 7, 2009 at 8:22am — 1 Comment

Feelings of the Land

Has Land Got Feeling?

I have been on an earthly mission for most of my life.

I have always known somehow that the land is precious. I spent my childhood years hanging out on the reservation, in the forests and mountains. I have lived in the forest many times over the years. My experience has shown me over and over that the earth is my natural home as it is for all of us.

And NOW after spending twenty years in the asphalt jungle, I know that the time has come to… Continue

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If We Don't, Who Will?

Someone who just joined a group we are in wrote something that really summed up what is going on today...deep in the hearts of most of us.

"I would love nothing more than to feel what life is supposed to feel

like. Western society is suffocating my soul. To the woods! "

It's likely, given the current economic situation in most of the western world, that the dream of a nice house in the suburbs, a steady job, good income, stores full of food, a car or two in the… Continue

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looking for a family

hi im breeze,i have never felt so excepted as i did at the cuba gathering,the only words i can say is family,i guess thats what i have been looking for all my life,i want to thank my brothers an sisters for letting me be part of that,an i hope one day i can feel that love again,with lv an peace,thanks,Breeze

Added by Breeze on October 5, 2009 at 11:18am — No Comments

the sky is the limit!!! free dana beal!!!

DANA BEAL-director of cures_Not-Wars, the worldwide marijuana march,advocate of using ibogaine to cure drug addiction and old-time yippie was arrested with 2 other activists in Wahoo, Nebraska on Thursday September 30 and charged with "possession of 150 pounds of pot" and possession with intent to deliver...Beal is being held on $500,000 bail. we need to raise funds to bail our comrades out of the nebraska Gulag....we are embarking on a campaign to raise at least $50,000 to bqail out Beal....We… Continue

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