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Middle of a Story : wizards' notes

Wizard Notes

re-incarnated writer types backwards

walked into my office with a new story

…so here I am - living in another galaxy on another planet - standing by this mountain stream in the middle of the night in late summer- I feel a little bad- because I removed a stone from the stream that was Burbling excessively. I guess the water pressure was causing it make a knocking , dull sound .  Sleeping at last in  my grandfather Pine ancient tree top…


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The Ego & Self Inquiry


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The Script


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Dropping The Ego


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The Light

Dear Rainbow Family,

This is the Real I AM of Me/Us!

All the Great Love to You from Your Self!



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Ocala gathering

I don't know if I'll have a phone or email after the 3 rd of February. This is 1/25/17 I'll still go to Ocala and the next one from then on. Luvin ya. Ron

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Ocala gathering

Give ride to 4 or 5 I'll pick you up with in 100 miles 8502966890 email=

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This Sunday 1/15 12Noon
Mountain #StandingRock Time

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12PM Mountain #StandingRock Time

2PM East, 1PM Central 11AM Pacific



FREE #LeonardPeltier




2Free #LeonardPeltier






1/15 12P… Continue

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Help the Homeless

Thank you for being part on our unofficial rainbow community.

I started this site 12 years ago and its been really fun to watch it grow. I have net a ton of family too!

I have a favor to ask. I have a book about how to help the homeless coming out in May and we literally just put up a community like this one so when the book comes out they will have a place to meet others and help our homeless friends online and off. )

So I wanted to invite you…


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anyone know of some land/community in az?

Mostly interested in tucsan. <3

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Homebodies and Homing Pigeons

I have always felt that a home was a sanctuary where a person could relax. My husband, on the other hand, never put down roots and lived on the road for most of his life. I was always disappointed that he didn't seem to take an interest in our home. He always wanted to go somewhere else. At the time, it looked to me that he was always leaving, but then God made me see the opposite. My husband was always coming back! It IS a sanctuary! I always thought that the song 'Freebird' fit him, but I… Continue

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Lately I have been thinking about adding trees since my husband and I have been learning about Permaculture and learning that it is possible.

I'm going to be realistic here. Who says that I'll be here to see the trees mature? I'm thinking about a nut tree, among others. I'm also considering growing it from seed,which is best for its root system. Butternuts put out a root system quickly. Maybe we should choose a foundation that will help us live long and healthy lives, too.

I… Continue

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Looking for help ASAP!

Hey, I'm new to the site and trying to learn how to navigate it. Idk if anyone even uses this site anymore, because I don't see much activity. Anyhow, I'm in Austin, Texas and I'm looking for a ride west asap! Also looking for basic advice about Rainbow and how to connect with people. I'm not as experienced as most with using internet/electronics. I don't use facebook, twitter none of that shit. I got e-mail tho. If you can offer me help with a ride and/or advice please contact me! Lovin you…


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Looking for the rainbow

As I began my profile with this site my life was changing dramatically. I had twin sons who were 20 Years old and one of them was having some very serious psychiatric concerns. As we waited for the counselor to call us back I signed up for the site at the urging of my 20 yo. He was seen and arrangements were made for him to see the psychiatrist the next day as well as the counselor and to be sure and have his twin brother come as well. Now normally I would have been out of town working during… Continue

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living in a tipi village

 peace my names john, and I have a dream. after many years of living where i didn't fit in, im leaving to find a new life. I have always wanted to live free and be in woods. I dream of setting up a tipi next to a river and being a part of nature. I have some land but its not where I want to live. I do have 2 big tipis and 1 smaller 1. no poles. I know there are family out here that want the dream as I do. im open to where , but the where has to be mmj friendly. if you are dreaming the tipi…


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going home 2016 directions

From all points South take highway 7 from Manchester Vermont. Go 10 miles and turn right on Forest Road 10. The site is 6 miles on your left.
From all points North take Highway 7 from Rutland Vermont. Go 20 miles and take a left turn on Forest Road 10. The site is 6 miles on your left
Parking is mostly on the road please pay attention to any for any forest service signs related to parking.

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Couple needing a ride to the east coast, any where close to the National Rainbow Gathering. In Vermont... please help us to get home I havent been in Five years.

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Arizona Marks my Salvation

" and it's like every chance to leave it's another chance I should've took"

Hi peeps!

It's like a lot has happened since my last blog,  but not really.

I got into a massive depression, that I still don't know I got out of, but I pulled myself through it.

I had my best friend visit me from Puerto Rico to where I now reside; she was going through some issues and a lot of chaos, and we obviously missed each other; so it seemed…


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