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Hello my partner and I are looking to start a commune. Our core beliefs are that of sustainability, Eco friendliness, freedom, love, respect, openness, spirituality and harmony with each other and all inhabitance of the earth. We recognize the spirit and light in every living thing and believe in letting all things and people be however they feel is best for them. This would be a clothing optional, pot friendly all natural and 100% self sustainable off the grid technology free community. We are hoping to establish our community in the rural area of southern Colorado, however we have not yet purchases land and are open to other locations given the right conditions. We are looking to gather like minded people together to start the process of building this community and our family together. Our plans for 100& sustainability and Eco friendliness are wind and solar power, use of human manure, building ecofriendly homes, sustaining a organic farm and business to help pay for expenses we can not cover on the farm (property taxes, any medical coverage, community vehicle etc.). Our Ideas for business is organic homemade hemp jewelry and accessories, leather crafts, organic produce sold at farmers markets, seed harvesting and sales, and possible organic tobacco sales, however we are open to any other ideas and suggestions. All members will be required to help in the sustainability of the community i.e. farming, waste removal, cooking, building projects, as well as in  out businesses etc. to maintain our lifestyle.  We plan for our community vehicle to be converted to run on vegetable oil so that no fossil fuels are used. We hope to live a life that is all organic in food and medicine if possible. We do not a have group religion we accept and see the value in all beliefs and wish to be completely tolerant to all people and all walks of life. We Make all decision done by consensus with a board of elders that have the basic job of organizing meetings for a common consensus vote and to discern smaller problems and handle them and to ensure absolute harmony in the community, however said board members will not have anymore power or votes than any other member. All expenses and income will be shared among the community and its members, the community will care for all needs of the members such as food, clothing, heath care etc.. We are looking for 4 to 6 couples or families or 8-10 single adults to get the family started and then afterwards new members will have a 6 month provisional membership in which after the 6 month period there will be a common consensus vote on full membership. During the 6 months provisional members will not have a vote however their opinions will still be considered. Our diet is omnivorous the dietary choices are at the discretion of each person however vegan and vegetarian options will be provided. Hunting is allowed but must be done responsible and every part of the animal should utilized. Although hunting is allowed we would like to keep guns off the property so only bows and other tools should be brought and/or used. All meals will be communal and shared with each other and everyone will take turns doing different chores around the house, farm and businesses. We are assuming that about 5 hours a day will be required to be dedicated to work a week totally to about 35 hours a week. Thank you for reading our ideas if there is anyone out there that is interested in living and working with us and making this kind of a community a reality or you just want to talk get a hold of us at

Thank you Em & Seth

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