These are Rainbow RAPS memes, designed to teach and celebrate Rainbow Ways both online and at Gatherings, by inspiring Rainbows to  bring RAP Boards to Gatherings.

When you go to gatherings, do you see soap bubbles in the streams?    Dogs running in packs without visible owners?   Violence or threats?  Alcohol parties inside the gathering (but outside of A Camp)?     Tire fires?     Do you feel more and more people at gatherings just don't  GET what we're all about?   Some people seem to think Rainbow is all about anarchy; some seem to think of us as the Free Summer Festival.   If you are seeing some of these things, feeling they are getting out of hand... Well Hey, This Blog is for You!  

At a gathering, there is nothing to replace confronting a situation and trying to educate.  But there IS a fun, cool, and effective way to get word out, save your breath, prevent some problems, and teach many people quickly.  Color up a wood board with some quotes from your favorite Rainbow Raps!   Can you visualize walking through a gathering and seeing our RAPS, our instructions for gathering in the forest,  all over the gathering...not just at Info and Welcome Home?   RAPS in kitchens; RAPS at camps; RAPS at swimming holes; RAPS at shitters; even along the trails.  Maybe the dog poo would diminish, and visitors on the 4th would learn how to use the shitters.  Maybe the water would stay cleaner; fewer people would get sick.  Maybe we would get a bit more of the peace in our hearts and lives we go to gatherings to get!


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Many RAP Boards at Gatherings was an idea given to me by Gary Stubbs.  These memes were compiled by Amma Niradhara and me.   We did try to contact all owners of pics used and not all replied (check your inbox if you see your photo) if you are not thrilled that we chose your photo from the open source on here, then please let us know and we will change it out.  bless!

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we did try to contact all owners of pics used and not all replied (check your inbox if you see your photo) if you are not thrilled that we chose your photo from the open source on here, then please let us know and we will change it out.  bless!

Sorry the page isn't wide enough to show this meme's words.  Here, again:

Our water sources are our lifeblood, and they must be protected from the very first day that people are on the site.

The safest drinking water comes from springs.  Streams or ponds with a good constant flow can also be used.  Any water  source that is designated for drinking is marked off with strings or ribbons, and no campsites or latrines should be uphill from them or within 300 feet.  Stay away from them unless you are involved in obtaining water.

Never pour liquid wastes into a water source, or ground nearby.  Instead, dig a gray water pit at least 300 feet away.

Sounds great. Is there a statement of Rainbow philosophy that we could read? I may have a different idea, but I do have an understanding of love and acceptance of others.

On each of these memes is a  url for where we got them; and a url for where we got the picture.  Also, the home of Rainbow on the internet is  I like for the raps as they are well organized, easier to find all together; but they are all on; plus statements about who we are.   Since we are not an organization, there are no mission statements.  We are a family.  We (Amma and I)  made these little memes as an easy, entertaining way to teach/remind each other our family's philosophy.  But these are just small excerpts from the longer raps you can find at these websites.


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