My name Chris and I live n Portland, Oregon.

I created this community a a way for everyone to stay conncted.


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I love you all!
hi everyone. i see this was created for a way for people to -stay- connected, so i do apologize greatly if i am infringing unwanted here. :( ive been in babylon for my life, and have found i dont belong there. nothing really makes sense to me about it, and i wanted out. my spirit would tear at me day and night, but had no answers. i looked but couldn't see. it grieves me greatly to look what has happened and continuing to happen to the world we have been given, but i didnt know anyone who shared my thoughts enough to care to discuss things. i feel lost and isolated, in a world that was not famliar to me and one i dont like or understand.
ive been shared some rainbow links and sites, and this family gives me hope and makes my heart and soul happy... something ive not felt for many years. i dont know if you can use me or want me here, but i dont see the point in living a life like i have in vain.
i feel what is done by rainbow families and the way of life many of you have is the way things were intended to be. if there isnt anything i can help with, i wanted to thank you all for letting me join this forum and watch and observe and learn what i can through posts. my life is in need of a major change, and each and everyone of you i have spoken with is a major inspiration and help to me. i know i have much to learn and understand. i am hoping to be able to learn anything from anyone willing to teach, and hopefully be able to contribute all that i am.
thank you for starting this forum Chris. and thank you all for reading. if im overstepping somewhere, please let me know. ty
Much Love and Respect.
You a very welcome here..and we are so glad you came home! It has been a long time without you! We have missed you dearly! Loving you ohh sooo much! I cannot even express! Shine, my brother, for you are lovely!
Howdy family,
Just found this site and joined recently....I LOVE rainbow folks, gatherings, and sightings...lots of mama's here (wonder why) We all love to nuture and be nutured...My sister(belly button-and she has been to 1 national) turned me on to a neat happening...Global Prayer at -they meet monthly on a phone conference and the web...tonight is a meeting at 8 PM EST. Join if you can. Check out the site sometime...
I'm looking forward to a east side gathering this summer--my newest grandson who is going to be born in a few weeks is suppose to there. My son Kryn and his wife Kayci are having there 1st!! I'm going to FL to help out.(Lucky me;yes I am blessed) Love'n you all mama T
I joined a few weeks ago, but never really checked out the forums. I'm Shawnee! It's so wonderful to be here!!! I have learned so much in such a short period of time. And have never felt more loved in my whole life! Looking forward to the gathering where hopefully I can meet some of you face to face and give you the hugs you so deserve for the warm welcomes I've received!

Thanking You and Loving You, Sincerely,
Shawnee Lynn


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